Guess What? Here Are Some Shocking Pictures Of Emma Roberts That She Would Never Want You To See!


Are you a Scream Queens fan? I surely am. And truth be told, more than a Scream Queens fan, I’m a Emma Roberts fan. This actress has been following the footsteps of Aunt Julia Roberts and trying to build her “Rise in fame” game for quite long. And she makes her way as the lead in the Scream Queens. We’ve always known her to be a “less makeup and more natural” girl but as always there’s another side to the story. In this article, I’ve put up some shocking pictures of her which she doesn’t want her fans to see!

Here are some shocking pictures of Emma Roberts that she doesn’t want her fans to see!

1. Just a day on the beach? There’s more to it.

shocking pictures of Emma Roberts


As said earlier Emma Roberts is the darling niece of the Best Friend and Stepmom actress Julia Roberts and definitely wants to be a rocking actress like her Aunt.

2. Just another Photoshoot!

Well, the actress started her career with playing small roles in the films such as Blow. She rose to prominence after she was cast as an Addie singer in the Nickelodeon television series Unfabulous.

shocking pictures of Emma Robertsvia

3. Yes, she does these smoking hot photoshoots quite often!

shocking pictures of Emma Robertsvia

Yep, the 25-year-old actress doesn’t mind doing lingerie photoshoots quite often and prefers it to be un-airbrushed. Looking stunning as she always does!

4. What does Johnny Depp and Emma Roberts have in common?

shocking pictures of Emma Robertsvia

Emma Roberts played the role of Johnny Depp’s daughter in her debut movie Blow. Though she didn’t have a major role in it, the child artist (then) was famous for being cast as Johnny’s daughter in the movie.


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