Fabulous Shower Ideas That You Might Want to Live Forever In


Showers are the best place to relieve your stress from a whole day of hard work, there’s no way you can disagree. Even if you don’t have stress to relieve you definitely love to bath under a shower and that’s purely great. Everyone can have a whole day of thoughts and thinkings piled up that they do while in a shower. We all have pretty good showers in our houses but at some point they get outdated. So, in case you’re going to get a replacement or something, here are some of the most fabulous shower ideas that will definitely make you want to live in it forever.

A waterfall shower with greenery.

A really minimalistic design.

How to take a natural bath.


Just keep everything nature has to offer near you.

Marble Stone and LED lights.

All of these LED lights make the shower look like a futuristic version. Back To The SHOWER.

A really big Shower.


Even a shower that’s this elegant is a good choice to enjoy the zen.

Bathing in the Jungle.


If you have a great plantation or are literally in some dense space, use it for an amazing Jungle like the bathroom.

Dark colors always are elegant.

Dark colors with golden shades have never disappointed anyone, it can never get old or boring.

A Kaleidoscopic pattern.

Bathrooms always have some kinds of patterns and when you have tried them all this is what you can do to get a never-ending or never boring pattern.

Simple, sober and professional.


This really gives out the bold vibes. Plus there is this great wooden flooring drainage that makes the design even better.

Sea Like Showers.

This blue lightning and these tiles make it some sort of a sea and give you sea vibes.

Geode Design.

A one of a kind bathroom design which also depicts waves of surfing.

Bring the Nature outside.


In case you wanted to bath outside under some waterfall or stream that’s your perfect chance.

Open Field Shower.

Just imagine bathing in this with the whole view and not even wanting to get out of the thing.

Great Glass View.



A limited amount of sunlight in the day and a great starlit sky if you can shower in the night.


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