Facts About Arnold Schwarzenegger You Should Know. 


Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger was born in Thal, Austria in 1947. He was quick to walk the road of success and make a name for himself in this world as a bodybuilder, an actor and as a politician.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger Was Born Catholic. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger


He was born to Aurelia Jaden and Gustav Schwarzenegger in a strict catholic house. He also had a sibling Meinhard.

2. His Father Was A Police Chief. 

Arnold Schwarzeneggervia

Arnold’s father Gustav was an Austrian police chief, postal inspector and a senior non-commissioned military police officer. He died in Weiz, Steiermark, Austria at the age of 65.

3. He Had An Extramarital Affair.

Arnold Schwarzeneggervia

In 2011 his wife, Maria filed for divorce because he had a love affair with their housekeeper. Arnold apologized in public numerous times and begged Maria to forgive him but they are still separated.
3. He Also Has A Love Child. 

Arnold Schwarzeneggervia

The famed bodybuilder’s affair with his housekeeper gave him a son. On October 2, 1997 Patty gave birth to Joseph whose father is Mr. Schwarzenegger himself.  


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