And This Is How Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Look Like Now Being An Adult!


6. Cute Russel: This cute little one while exploring over the different countries always brings over a smile on our face via “UP” movie. And now, being in this adulthood he is no less cute and obviously good looking than he used to be during those days.
Cartoon as an adult

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7. Small Cartman: Here comes the tiny creature of South Park who is a student of the elementary school and lives with his mother. According to his character, he is considered as a bit aggressive, arrogant, narcissistic type of kid. And being one of an adult now he looks as much arrogant as he was like being a kid.
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8. Flavour of Ginger: This ginger-haired girl is into that stage of being a pre-teen who would just be found always ready to do anything to become famous. Well, you are going to find this girl as same as she was in childhood days with curly hair.
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