Fitness Trainer Illustrates Everyday Problems Of Being Fit For A Girl.


Maintaining a body shape and being fit is the toughest challenge that every woman face. When a girl is a foodie and food is her priority, then her struggles are unimaginable. Staying away from all her favorite junk foods and eating clean, along with regular exercises, is the most challenging part of her life.  A famous internet fitness trainer illustrated every girl’s struggle during the process of maintaining a fit body in a comic series.

Cassey Ho is a famous internet fitness trainer who has 1.5M followers on her Instagram. Cassey is an American fitness Youtuber who also sells fitness appeals on her website. She is an international fitness influencer. Cassey says, “I realize now that I am not just an instructor at a gym, but that I am a role model and leader in the fitness industry. It is my responsibility to do whatever I can to help people get healthier while feeling confident and happy in their body. If a girl can look in the mirror, can love what she sees while still working hard to be a better version of herself than she was yesterday then I have accomplished my goal”. She adds that if you love and has a passion for something, you can achieve it. Finding your fitness interest is essential. Whether it is running, dancing, or doing Pilates make, it is a part of your daily routine. Scroll down, to see her illustrations of a ‘perfect body’ struggle.



1. This saves a lot of money




2. The real challenge of wearing fitted jeans



3. To balance the damage




4. Being in shape is always a dream



6. Maturity makes all the difference



7. Am one among them




8. It will never stay in the middle



9. Need to visit a doctor later


10. A friend in need is a friend indeed



11. Thin hair struggles. Am so jealous of people with thick hair





12. There meet all the singles




13. Blankets are my best friends



14. Frustrating things




16. You feel like you have a George Washington’s hairstyle.


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