Bet You Didn’t Know That These Celebrities Were Childhood Friends


It would be weird but amusing to know that the two celebrities that you have idolized your entire life were actually childhood friends. And that is why today we are going to go through some celebrity pairs that fall into that category & many of them have kept the bond of their friendship strong for all these years.


Celebrities Who Were Friends In Their Childhood


1. Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Macguire

Celebrities who were childhood friends


You’ve seen them together in The Great Gatsby, but did you know that their friendship is around 3 decades old? It all started when they met while auditioning as child actors for the same role. From childhood friends to two well known & established celebrities, they have gone through a lot together.


2. Chaz Bono & Jennifer Aniston

Celebrities Who Were Childhood FriendsVia

These two went to the same high school, The LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts. Aniston used to often hang out at Chaz’s place(Chastity back then) after school. They were gal pals.


3. Ryan Gosling & Justin Timberlake

Celebrities Who Were Childhood FriendsVia

These two heart-throbs & big time celebrities who can steal anybody’s girlfriend in the blink of an eye because they’re that damn good were actually childhood friends. Starring together on The Mickey Mouse club, that’s how these two got to know each other & eventually became best friends.


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