Funny And Relatable Comics That Depict The Struggle Of Dog Owners


Dogs are one of the best people on the planet and they just make our lives better. Not only just dogs, but all the pets also make our lives better and bring the love in our lives. Dogs are the most common pets as they are not the easiest but the cutest pets available. Dog owners have to go through a lot of struggle to maintain a dog and that’s really not so amazing experience. But, the dog makes it worth a while making the owner slightly more loving. The bond between dogs and humans is marked unbreakable as well.

Below are some funny comics about the struggle of dog owners:

Doing Yoga is a really hard thing to do.

Dogs like to do everything we do, and always make a mess when they interfere with the time we do yoga.

You cannot move when your good boy is in your arm.


This rule is written in the laws of the world, you don’t move when any of your cuties, be it your baby or your pet, you don’t move.

Puppy Kisses are the Best!!!


Hmmm… my dog definitely does this all of the time.

Waking up.


Pets are the laziest and dogs are an even lazier breed that can sleep off every sound you make around them.

Sitting on me when I’m unaware.

That’s a really great moment when you’re sleeping and suddenly feel the weight, it is irritating at first until you open your eyes and see a cute pup smiling at you.

Training the Dog is really hard.

A never ending problem that has no resolution. They learn when to get off but never learn to not climb in the first place, SMH.

Struggle in fashion.

When you have a mixed fur dog that has both dark and light colored fur you know why.

Dogs are artists.


Every time you see your pup doing something, he’s making art to impress you, even though you get angry most of the times.

Dogs will never leave you.

They just don’t leave you until they get all the love you’d shower them with while you’re gone.

Are we their food?


I do it just because it’s cute and suddenly I find a bone hungry animal wanting to eat me, DAMN!


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