Celebrity Kids Who Are Just As Beautiful As Their Mothers


As far as looks are concerned we get them from our parents, well, more accurately their genes. So, who do you thank if you are blessed with really pretty looks? Your parents, in particular, your mother. Well, these celebrity kids are having a time of their lives with their super good looks that they have inherited from their mothers, and we are a teeny, tiny bit, jealous!

These celebrity kids are splitting images of their mothers and they look absolutely gorgeous!

1. Momma Heidi Klum has definitely blessed her daughter Leni with all her good looks and we are definitely waiting for this gorgeous young woman to make it on the big screen.

2. Jennifer Garner’s daughter Violet though looks a little bit like Daddy Ben Affleck, but we can surely say that she is definitely a mamma’s girl as these two are always seen hanging out together.

3. Our Cat Woman Hale Berry has two gorgeous children but her daughter Nahla looks more like her than her son.

4. Julianne Moore’s daughter Liv looks exactly like her mother and we are really in awe of her. She looks really pretty.

5. Though Miley Cyrus is always seen hanging out with her dad Billy Cyrus, but she definitely has got her looks from her mother, Tish Cyrus.

6. Reese Witherspoon and daughter Ava are exactly splitting images of each other, and Ava is definitely determined to follow her mother’s footprints.

7. Katie Holmes with her sweet and cute little daughter Suri.

8. Teresa Giudice with her gorgeous and stunning daughter Gia.

9. Angelina Jolie has often had faced backlash for encouraging Shiloh to dress up like a boy, but Angelina is firm and has made it clear that whatever her daughter wants to be, she will be.

10. Cindy Crawford with her beautiful daughter Kiaia.
celebrity kids
11. Tina Fey with her cute little daughter Alice.
celebrity kids
12. Christie Brinkley with daughter, Sailor.
celebrity kids
13. Kris Jenner with her beautiful daughter Kendall Jenner.
celebrity kids
14. It’s really hard to distinguish between Demi Moore and her daughter Rumer.
celebrity kids


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