10 Reasons You Are Not Getting L*id!


It might come as a surprise but there are various reasons why you are still unable to lose your v*rginity or getting laid.

Read on if you fall under any such category:

  1. You are waiting for the “Right Person”

    As much as you know, you are kidding, right! There is a reason you are not having s*x right now and using the “Right Person” card might just be plain absurd!

Getting Laid
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  1. You are a Nerd

    Admit it. Nerds do get a hard time getting noticed, let alone getting laid. If you feel you are not being perceived and also not getting any, you might be a geek. Subconsciously, you knew it already, didn’t you?

    And still wearing those cargo pants? You better lose them ASAP!


Getting Laid
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  1. You do not have a social life

    This one is a toughie, ain’t? When you don’t have a decent social life, you really have slim chances of finding that person who will spend time with you. Get some guts and go out, your lazy ass won’t help you get laid in a world like ours. And being social on Facebook doesn’t count!

Getting Laid
  1. You blame your religion for it

    Don’t bring your religion into it. Saving it for the fear of God, that’s cool but what’s cooler is when you get what you want. It is only convenient to bring your religion into it but think of it for a minute – you will eventually do it. Why not today?

Getting Laid
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