10 Reasons You Are Not Getting L*id!

  1. Your ego is way too big

    Oh yeah, you are the Kanye West of your friend circle and are proud of it? Don’t be. This is the last thing you might wanna do if you wanna get l*id. People don’t like mean and egotistical guys. Get it!

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  1. Your standards are pretty damn high

    The one you want won’t want you. And you won’t want the one who wants you. It’s like running in circles and seems to be a never-ending chain. Get low and ride high.

Getting Laid
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  1.  You have temper issues

Lose that temper. It won’t get you anywhere – either in your career nor in your relationships. Temper sucks and the people who might find you attractive initially will start to drift away.

Getting Laid

Do you have any more reason you are not getting laid? Mention in the comments section to let us know.


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