Girlfriend Shared The Reality Of Her Boyfriend Who Acts Completely Different On Social Media.


Boys are weird creatures, no, don’t hate me, I have proof, and some personal experience as well. These guys will act like the sweetest creatures in real life and on dm, but they tend to be total cool bros on social media. From calling their girlfriend names to actually making fun of her, these guys know no bounds. One can get really confused between the two of their personalities, I mean are all of them hardwired to be a Gemini? I hope not. Let’s have a look at what this girl has to say about her boyfriend who has two different personalities.

20-year-old college student Olivia shares how differently her boyfriend acts in reality and on social media, and we are more than just shocked!

1. Okay, so apparently he has a switch which turns him into a, I don’t know a butthole maybe on Instagram and a really sweet kittie in texts.

2. Oh, well, this definitely is way too weirdly personal for anyone to read, but that caption. Whoa! That is some serious transformation.

3. Okay, seriously, what’s your deal dude? How on Earth are you such a sweetheart in DMS but a completely arrogant and ignorant person on the internet?

4. I guess the snap of her pretty face was not so pretty after all, I can’t find a single inch of gothness on her gorgeous body.
5. Here, we go again, a long and adorable paragraph on how much he appreciates her and then he goes, “She’s short AF. She’s Ginger AF” on social media. Like, why?

6. Oh, so apparently his baby girl and baby turned into his broski? Idk if that’s even a term.
social media
7. Okay, that is just seriously pathetic, I get it that he has to maintain a certain rep on media, but this? Jesus!
social media8. What on Earth does this term even mean? Beats me.
social media
9. So, I guess you’re totally okay with it, but I’d definitely use his tricks on him to give him a taste of his own medicine.
social media


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