20 Dark Comics By Gypsie Raleigh That’ll Make You See The Ugly Side Of Love!


Love, what is this word. An emotion, happy emotion? Maybe. Love has different meanings for all of us. But each one us would agree to this, at some point in time, Love hurts. We often choose to avoid this darker side of love, but this is constant. Falling in love is easy, falling out of love is hard. We are so happy when in love that we don’t realize that maybe we are expecting too much of the other person. Maybe the person is not good enough for us. But truth be told, love is not quite the fairytale romance we imagine it to be. These dark comics by Gypsie Raleigh’s on Instagram will make you feel the darker side of love that many of us don’t want to.

Caution: Not for the ones who are easily offended.

Here are 20 dark comics by Gypsie Raleigh that’ll make you see the darker side of love!

1. You fall out of love each day.

dark comics by Gypsie Raleigh

2. But in the end, they leave.

dark comics by Gypsie Raleigh

3. And the brain ceases to have any function.

dark comics by Gypsie Raleigh

4. To be together, I’d do this too.

dark comics by Gypsie Raleigh


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