Disney Princesses Shown As Super Hot Modern Day Girls


Have you ever wondered how the famous Disney Princesses would look in our modern day world?

Anoosha Syed is a children’s book illustrator and character designer for animation. She used her talent and love for Disney princesses to illustrate them as a part of our modern world. She gave them amazing makeovers and personality traits, and they came to life in a whole new special way! Take a look!

1. Merida the Punk Rocker

Disney princesses, modern

Merida goes horseback riding every weekend with Angus and has an archery scholarship. Being the rebel, she discovers the world of british punk-rock.

2. Snow White the Social Media Queen

Disney princesses, modern                                Via

Snow White, is a fashion blogger with a love for nature, vintage fashion and old movies. She is never seen without her iPhone, talking selfies with her roommates.

3. Ariel the Anthropologist

Disney princesses, modern                                    Via

Ever since she was little, Ariel knew she was going to be a marine biologist. It was just so fascinating learning about people, and she knew this was the world where she belonged.


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