This Is What Could Happen If Toddlers Could Post On Facebook!


Toddlers are too much work and I bet everybody will agree to this. But have you ever wondered how things could have taken a turn if they could post on Facebook? Well, we can only take a guess of the hilarious mess!

These little kids though are the tiniest package of surprises but can be a hell lot of work. They do the craziest of things and will do them over and over with no shame. We adults can only try to imagine what the world would be like if they took over the social media as well!

Well, one mom actually did turn our imaginations into the most hilarious Facebook status updates ever.

Internet Blogger and an amazing mother of two girls, Ilana Wiles created a blog named Mommy Shorts. She has been putting up her experiences and ideas on the ups and downs of being a mom for 7 years and has been a full-time blogger since 2013.

Inspired by her little mischief makers and adorable daughters and various other blogs putting up their thoughts giving a sneak peek into the kids’ mind she created this post. She then asked her fans to voice in their kids’ current status update. And surprisingly everybody was more than happy to participate. It turned out to be hilarious and at one point of time, you actually think that it’s the kids posting!

Here’s what could happen if toddlers could post on Facebook!

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1. As a girl child, I would like to apologize to my mom because apparently, this was my favourite past time. toddlers could post on Facebook

2. OMG! The worst time of the day ever! No, actually the worst time is when I had to go to Kindergarten for whole two hours!

toddlers could post on Facebook

3. And asking for the bath water to be cold enough when mommy pours in hot water. (PS: My original tantrum was the water was too cold to bathe in.)

toddlers could post on Facebook

4.  Yeah, kids, it is all fun a game until you no longer get popsicles anymore.toddlers could post on Facebook

5. Every body did this. And yeah I too thought every woman is called mommy when they grow up. toddlers could post on Facebook

6. Always ready to skip sleep.

toddlers could post on Facebook

7. I admit it, I did this too, we are royalty after all!

toddlers could post on Facebook

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8. No Nap! No Nap! No Nap!

toddlers could post on Facebook

9. Kids, no. That is just disgusting. 

toddlers could post on Facebook

10. 123456789..Here I come!!toddlers could post on Facebookread also: People Posted Their New Tattoos Online Only To Realize They Made A Mistake



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