Heartwarming Stories From People Whose Families Shielded Them From Tough Situations


People get into many tough situations on a daily basis and fight them hard to make themselves better. Many times situations arise that may not be handled by just you alone and you might need someone to help you through. Most of the times it’s your friends and close people who help you. But has it occurred to you that once in a while your families have shielded you from these situations?

Below are some stories of people whose families shielded them from tough situations:

This father took a stand against bullying.


This kid was having a problem at school with bullies and neither did his teachers or psychiatrist, nor anyone else was helping. So, the dad decided to visit the principal and to his shock, the principal denied any such thing!


She said “The kids were just playing” and there’s no bullying in the school. The dad took the principal’s bag and emptied it on the floor and threw it away, and the principal was furious. To that, the father said, “What? I was just playing!”.

I can’t do this any longer.


At my home, my mom, dad, 3 cats, and I all live in peace. I returned from school and was having a harsh day. I snatched my cat and sat down on the couch groaning, “I can’t do this any longer.”


Sometime later, my mom came in saying the very same thing while at the same time getting the second cat. After 30 minutes, my dad came in, snatched the third cat and stated, “I can’t do this any longer.” This is the understanding each one of our families should have.

The Little Sister.


This is the story of a parent whose 13-year-old kid was being bullied at school and he kept the parents out of it. He used to be sad about his school but was too kind to do anything about the bullies. A week later he suddenly came back home happy and said the bullies apologized to him!


He said, “The boys apologized today. They said they wouldn’t bully me anymore and they asked my sister to never touch them again.” The parents came to know later that the sister of the kid beat their leader and pierced his football with a kitchen knife. By the way, the sister is a 7-year-old.

‘I forgave my father for everything!’


“I and my father used to argue a lot before I was 12, mainly because he was explosive and stubborn and well, I was his kid, and I often went to bed early because of that but couldn’t sleep. But later my father came to the bedroom at night and I pretended to be asleep.

He used to pick me up altogether with my blanket, sat down in the other room, rocked me, stroked my hair, apologized, and told me he loved me. He did this for 30 minutes and that’s something he could never do when I was awake. I never opened my eyes and forgave my father for everything!”

My Parents Gave Me Hope.

“I was in High School and was going to a college when the results of the exams came in. Those grades we got in the exam were the ticket to a good college and amazing life ahead. And I scored low, even below my expectations. My girlfriend dumped me that time as well and I became alone. I had suicidal thoughts come into my mind that I had no one to share to.

My parents started receiving calls of their friends telling them about how good their kid scored and when they asked them about me I saw them embarrassed. They didn’t show the guilt to me. I then walked up to them and asked them if they feel bad about the results I have been giving them and to that they said that these results don’t define anyone.


I asked him about a ‘friend’ who was having all the problems I had. And that friend might be dangerous to himself. He gave ‘my friend’ the best advice of his life, he said “Life’s too big to flex about these small problems and all of this won’t even matter within some months. Even if there’s no one understanding of his problems, his parents are always there for him”. They knew who they were referring to and I knew who the friend was. I recovered by his advice and now I’m a successful CEO of an MNC. This is one of the best families one could have asked for.


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