11 Badass Gregory House Moments That Will Make You Nostalgic. 


Gregory House MD, the most badass diagnostician on TV was always known and loved by his fans for his sarcastic, inappropriate yet hilarious antics.

Let’s look back at some of those Gregory House moments that made us laugh out loud.

1. When House And Wilson Go To War. 

Gregory House moments


It all starts with Wilson taking Gregory House’s electric guitar as a hostage so that House can start interviewing candidates for his new team. Needless to say, the badass doctor retaliates with a number of pranks on Wilson. One of them was deleting his DVR which was a very funny moment of the show.

2. When He Subtly Suggests Something Wild. 

Gregory House momentsvia

A soldier who has to report back to base comes to Gregory House to give him an excuse so that he can stay home for his wife’s due date. Gregory subtly suggests that he shoot his own toe to get medical leave which the soldier later does.

3. His Repeated Mockery Of Religion. 

House badassvia

Repeatedly mocks religion all in many funny Gregory House moments throughout the series.


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