Horror Comics With Totally Different Endings


The best way to tell your story is by using images as someone really smart once said a very accurate fact which states ‘A picture says a thousand words’. That’s definitely 100% sure as images can just give you a feel of whatever the words might say in just a view. The best combination of images and words are comics or in nowadays world, memes. A text with the combination of image and it just speaks for itself and no one can misunderstand that as well. Horror cartoons are a thing for people nowadays with really horror ending people are fans of the stuff.

Below are some horror comics that have a totally different ending:

Edd Lai is a comic artist.


He is the guy who is on a great mission of bringing light into the lives of people.

Edd is a Taiwanese who is great in his field.


He is best known to mix real with surreal stuff and make it look a little funny which is different from what horror actually is.

The artist is 29-years-old.

At such a young age he has achieved a lot of fan following and his work is making rounds.

He started writing these when he was 19.

His writings were published in many novels by different publishers.

And that is how Edd started his career as a comic artist.


He goes on Instagram with his own name under the username “eddlai608“.

Edd has also written screenplays for some movies.


In all his work is appreciated and that’s what you might have seen by now as well too. He just makes such amazing comics.

Also, not to forget the dark humor…

Even if he brings a not so horror touch in his comics he doesn’t stop at any point for the humor.

Tinker Bell redefined.

It’s just the perspective of the looker in the end.

Truly deserved it!

Remember who your devil is and punish them even worse.

Am I the only one who did this?


Humor and memes have ruined our senses.


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