These Pictures May Seem Fake But Are 100% Real!


It happens that our eyes create an illusion regarding things that we tend to believe to be true. But, this isn’t the case always, sometimes we do believe things are not real. And sometimes, we look at things and perceive them to be fake but they turn out to be real? Confused? Well, this is just the beginning.

These pictures may seem fake to you but are definitely real!

1. This metro station in Stockholm looks something out of a marvel universe. Well, this is called Solana Centrum and is one of the major tourist attractions in Stockholm.

2. Doesn’t it look like the cruise is standing on land? Well, you’re wrong, the cruise is so big that it is successful in creating an illusion of resting on land.

3. If you say that this doesn’t scare you. I’m gonna say that you’re lying. This Arcus cloud storm created in Australia is definitely sending chills down the spine.

4. A Chinese bee worker Sing Pi set a record of carrying 460,000 bees on her body and created a bee suit. I’m definitely going to have bee-mares tonight.

5. Mirrored residence, this definitely looks like an optical illusion but is a mirrored wooden shelter in the California high desert. I so want to see this up close and personal!

6. This kind of looks like a painting doesn’t it? More precisely a map perhaps. But this is a lake which has been covered in algae. Yep, these Chinese fishermen are crossing this lake for their daily harvest. 

7. Seeming fake to you? Well, at first it did for me as well. But this is definitely real. This is what happens to the upright things when you are in the path of a hurricane.
8. Somebody, please save me already. This giant jellyfish is absolutely real (and way too scary for me!) and the diver that is apparently trying to capture the details of this creature is real as well.

9. This floating fountain may seem like a magical illusion but it’s real.

10. Well, well, would you look at that. Doesn’t this remind you of the disaster movie 2012? Well, this is a real sinkhole that appeared suddenly in Guatemala in 2010.
fake11. When one predator becomes prey for another predator. But, hard luck for the shark that couldn’t get a chance to finish its meal.

fake11. Nature is definitely scary but beautiful.

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12. This purple flower bed in the Takinoue park in Japan looks so unreal, but it’s as true as it can get folks.



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