If You’ve Ever Been Friend zoned You’ll Totally Understand The Pain In These Pictures!


Being friends is okay, being best friends is definitely better, but getting “friend zoned” sucks for real. I mean, dude, if you don’t want to be more than friends make it crystal clear, don’t just lead on somebody and then be like “oh-we’re-just-friends”. Well, as somebody who has been friend zoned a fair number of times definitely feels the pain of all the folks out there!

These people have probably broken all the levels of the friend zone and we feel their pain!

1. Oh, here we go, not just human, animals too have to go through this pain you see.
friend zoned

2. Looks like, Warren is definitely gonna make it out of this deadly zone.
friend zoned
3. When you this picture on a girl’s profile, you know she’s gonna send you to the zone you never want to enter. I feel bad for these guys!
friend zoned
4. When you know you’re lucky to get a picture with her, but also know where you stand in the list.
friend zoned
5. Take a hint fella, clearly, she isn’t gonna let you escape the friend zone.
friend zoned
6. This my friends should be the international logo of Friendzone, I can’t even begin to explain the pain behind that forced smile.
friend zoned
7. When the world knows coffee can heal that wound etched onto your heart, so it makes up a cafe dedicated to all the fallen soldiers in the line of “relationship service”.
friend zoned
8. Whoa! She has got some number of boys in the “no more than friends zone”.

9. This is what the love of his life who married the love of her life gave this lighter to him because she made him her Best Man.

10. Oops, you know you’re done trying when she gives this to you.

11. Yep, I know the pain behind that smile. Yep, she’s really cruel.

12. Seriously? Gonna lay on it that poor fellow like that? God, save his soul, she’s probably gonna tear it to pieces.

13. And, the FRIEND OF THE YEAR AWARD goes to!

14. Don’t get too happy, look where her hands are, and what he’s holding.
15. Finally, somebody after refusing to give up for 10 long years and made it out of the friend zone and married the love of his life.


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