Most Important Things You Should Know Before Flirting


Ever happened that you see a pretty girl and wanted to talk to her but didn’t have that confidence ? Yes , happens with every boy. Adding to the misery, another guy comes from nowhere and starts talking to her and after some time you see them laughing and talking. Now you just wonder that if you could have the enough confidence, then you could be in place of that guy. Flirting is not some science which you can learn by following procedures but we can call it an art. There are some important things which you need to to know about the art of Flirting.

Here are certain important things which you should know before Flirting.

1. Be Yourself 

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Just try to be authentic, honest and be yourself. If you  try to be someone who you are not in actual , there are high chances of doing mistakes while talking. The things like dishonesty will really have a bad impression on her.

2. Speak Smartly

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Being smart here doesn’t mean having intelligence like Einstein. Smartness in flirting refers to things like confidence,  sense, and  certainty and also the way to keep the interest on in the conversation.

3. Compliment her but carefully

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There is a very thin line between complimenting her and being creepy so always be careful. Complimenting her is one of the very important things while flirting but don’t overdo this otherwise the journey will end before taking a start. 


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