Learn How To Impress People Within Five Minutes Of Conversation.


“First impression is the last impression.” We are all well aware of this fact. But how do you impress people when you have nothing but words? (Especially when you really want to talk to him/her!). What if I tell you, you can impress people with your talks within five minutes?

Trust me on this, nobody nowadays gives a sh*t to your education qualifications, or how many cars you own,or how big is your apartment, whether you own an “iPhone” or not.

impress people in five minutes


What people (read: mostly girls) want today is someone who can draw their attention. So here I am, with some easy tips on how to impress people in just five minutes of conversation!

Here are some tips to impress people in just five minutes

1.Do not be the creepy texter.

Do not, I repeat do not be the guy/girl who keeps on texting a “Hey/Hi” whenever you see the person online.

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Honestly, it is quite irritating, I personally don’t like someone who tries to seek attention so bad! After you have initiated a Hello, simply wait for the person to reply. If he/she replies then kudos! If he/she doesn’t, then wait.

2. Give a genuine compliment.

After you have cleared level 1, it is time for you to take the wheel. Give unique and specific compliments.

impress peoplevia

Everybody loves receiving compliments, I mean who would not?

impress peoplevia

It makes the person feel good about you and themselves. But please, Don’t go with the usual “Oh your eyes!”, “I like your smile.” etc, if they are really good looking, they are probably hearing this for the millionth time! And while complimenting do not overdo yourself and sound like a flirt.


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