14 Weirdest Reasons Exposed By Retail Workers Why Customers Return Purchased Items!


Who doesn’t love to shop? That too when you have a clear-cut return policy offered! Whether you like it or not, you buy it… return policy is there to get back the money, right? Why worry? As we all are masters of making good excuses, we are good with cooking up some good odd reasons for such kind of stuff as well! How else to annoy the retail workers when they always rob us with charging more, isn’t it? Yeah, some people do purchase things just to return them and be a vexing master! Do you like an annoying person ever? Okay, okay, I guess I am going out of the topic here… SO, coming back to the point, we have many such cases where customers return the purchased goods to the retail workers.

These Retail workers exposed the lamest reasons a person can come up with for returning his/her purchase!Let’s have a look at why customers return their goods… Shall we?

1. The “Slow Cooker”

The cooker apparently was too slow in cooking things up. Or, I may say she is too fast at cooking reasons up! Is that even a reason that the customers return?

retail workers expose why customers return goods
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2. Well, Pleasure calls for more?

This lady returned the Durex Massage Oil as it didn’t reach her satisfaction level.What can we say! 😐

retail workers expose why customers return goods
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3. Mmm… Candy Bar, or, Eww… Candy Bar!

If you think the Durex thing is funny, here is another one! Satisfaction of the taste buds has got greater heights…I mean, who returns half a candy bar man! I can imagine the patience level that the retail workers need to maintain

retail workers expose why customers return goods
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