Learn How To Impress People Within Five Minutes Of Conversation.


3. Be Natural. Be You.

“Always be the first rate version of yourself than being the second rate version of someone else.”

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You need to read this at least thrice and understand it in case you are planning to copy someone’s moves, style etc. Being somebody else isn’t really going to get the job done, putting in your own efforts to impress people definitely will get you your own groove and style(Do not sound so obvious and act weird though!)

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When you desperately try to impress someone you can get caught quite easily, so be natural yet be different.

4. Breaking the “Mirror”.

A situation which usually develops when the conservation is boring and going bad is referred to as a ” mirror”.

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Avoiding this only needs a little effort, after initiating a conversation we usually go for the ” How are you?” ” I am fine, and you?” sort of thing, DON’T. Instead you can go with “What’s new with you?”. This change in questions can make someone come up with a longer than expected conversation!

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Do not agree with or answer the expected, when being asked about something. Try to say something new.


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