Interracial Couples Share Their Most Painful Encounters


4. People make racist comments!
Interracial couples painful encounters

I often get to hear comments like “Well, He is not among one of those Mexican”! After knowing that my fiancé is a Mexican. And his parents were ones who came from Mexico.

5. When people ask if your child is adopted!
Interracial couples painful encountersI have a child with my ex who is a Black. I didn’t encounter any problem when we were together. When I’m alone with my baby people asks me if I have adopted him? And I feel like answering- No! He is my son who came out of my uterus!

6. Thinking beyond racism.
Interracial couples painful encountersI am Asian women and he is a Black. We have come across many strange encounters like getting racist comments. When one day a black security guard came up to us. He said “You guys take care of each other and don’t let anybody get you!” 


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