18 Jealous Texts From Ex-Girlfriends That Will Prove That Jealousy Knows No Bounds!


Ever had an encounter with a creepy, crazy, jealous ex-girlfriend? I’m sure you have. We all have that one crazy ex who just won’t accept defeat (or getting dumped) for whatever reason that may be. Sometimes they are the ones who leave us, and yet end up blaming us for moving on. Some girls (no offense) are so mad at the fact they literally scream in their minds, “HOW DARE HE MOVE ON!!”. Then they plot and plan a meaningless revenge, which obviously ends up with them getting severely trolled. In this article, I’ve got some super jealous texts from ex-girlfriends that’ll make you reminisce your creepy encounter with your ex!

Here are 18 super jealous texts from Ex-girlfriends that will prove that jealousy knows no bounds!

1. The “Aww I’m sorry I doubted you”

jealous texts from ex-girlfriend


2. Hahaha, How does that even make a difference?


3. Jealousy is written all over this text! But, boy! -_-

jealous texts from ex-girlfriendvia

4. I can’t help myself but laugh at this one! Kindly apply cold water on the burnt area. Thank you.

jealous texts from ex-girlfriendvia


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