These Gorgeous Celeb Who Crossed 40 years Have Stopped Aging.


Our favorite celebs are magically able to maintain their physical fitness in their 40s and 50s while we tend to see wrinkles in our face in early 30s. Scroll down, to see the bikini bodies of the 40s and 50s celebs who are fitter than their actual age.

1. Jennifer Lopez

She is turning around 50 this year, and she is looking fitter than her 20s. Being a mom of two this, she pays attention for her work out and hydration.


2.Halle Berry

Halle Berry is famous for her ageless face and listed as the “best bodies” many times in her career. This lady crossed 51 years and maintained her body as she did before 30-year and. Halle will not eat sugars, carbs, in fact, anything white.


3. Sofia Vergara

Sofia is 45 years old with a beach-ready body. Her curves will not allow you to believe that she is 4o plus. This gorgeous woman maintains her body with lots of short workouts on a spin bike, walking, and weights, combined with a diet.


4. Gabrielle Union

Pilates, portion control, and drinking a gallon of water each day are this most beautiful lady to stay in bikini-ready body in her 45 years.


5. Eva Longoria

How does this 43 years old lady looks fit in the bikini-ready body? This lady says diet and exercises play a vital role in making her look young.


6. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is 45 years, and her body is sculpted, and every bit of her body is bikini ready. Her secret for the gorgeous look is an intaking protein-rich diet with lots of veggies along with daily exercises.


7.Salma Hayek

Fifty-one years old Salma says that she is not into workouts and she maintains her beautiful body with a proper diet.


8. Kim Cattrall

Sex and the  City star Kim Cattrall is 61 years old, and she keeps her shape with healthy eating, appropriate workouts, and stress-free lifestyle.



9. Yolanda Hadid

Yolanda Hadid is as sexy as she is in her 20s. According to her interview to a magazine, she says that her secret recipe for her physique is she eats Oats for breakfast, salad for lunch, and veggies at dinnertime.



10. Elizabeth Hurley

52 years old Elizabeth Hurley has a perfect bikini body. She says that consistency is key to get a fitter body.



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