Keanu Reeves’ Mom Was Confused As His Girlfriend At The Oscars

  1. Once again Keanu came out as the most thoughtful celebrities of Hollywood

The 55-year old Actor, Keanu Reeves brought his mother Patricia Taylor to the Oscars as his date. They were so adorable together that fans can handle this heartwarming gesture.

Keanu Reeves and his mother made a stunning entrance at the 92nd Academy Awards.

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2. The duo’s appearance at the Oscars went viral

They wore complementing suits in the perfect Noir, white and black. They were absolutely stunning at the event and their photographs went viral online immediately after.

Keanu Reeves
The duo made a heartwarming appearance at the Oscars red carpet.

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3. What is more to this adorable duo?

Keanu has seemed to inherit endless similarities with his mother, like her humour that keeps the fans well entertained. He wasn’t nominated and was just a spectator this year at the Oscars 2020 where he presented the award of the original screenplay.

Keanu at the Oscars

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4. It was the best start to the academy awards

Oscars as many of us know is the biggest night for the Film Industry at Hollywood. Although Keanu wasn’t nominated for any Oscars this year, Toy Story 4 where he lent his voice to the character named Duke Kaboom and the film garnered its own Oscar nomination in the best-animated feature category.

keanu Reeves

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5. He had a busy year with his upcoming film The Matrix 4

He told in an interview with E!News that he has started filming “The Matrix 4”, with Lana Wachowski set to direct the film. Prior to the event, on the red carpet, there wasn’t much he could tell about the same. Since the announcement already kept him quiet, Interviewers asked his mother about his upcoming movie. To this, his mother joked around about how, she knows nothing about The Matrix 4 but The Matrix 1, 2 and 3.

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