All You Need to Know About The Premiere Of Fifty Shades Darker!


The most awaited movie of the year, Fifty Shades Darker, at last, is around the corner! The premiere tells us that it’s not long before we’ll be watching the two hotties Dakota Johson and Jamie Dornan make fierce love.  Can’t you already feels tickles down there? 

Fifty Shades Darker Premiere

At the much-awaited premiere, almost everyone made fashion statements.  

Because we aim to please!

1. Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson began her Fifty Shades Darker premiere circuit last night in Los Angeles. Considering it’s a film about kinky dynamics in the bedroom, she struck just the right note at the Los Angeles premiere of film sequel Fifty Shades Darker.

She decided to go bold. She went bra-less in the most elegant, slinky Valentino gown. It was basically the high-fashion version of silk sheets. Just what Christain would have preferred on his Anna.

Fifty Shades Darker Premiere

The neckline was as low as it could get.

Fifty Shades Darker Premiere

It was held by the help of two very thin straps which ran through her back in criss-cross straps. Which, presumably, was a lot of boob tape. 


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