Queen Elizabeth Is Loved All Across The Globe! Know It All Here.


She’s known for her sense of duty, she’s fierce, she’s a dog lover and this list isn’t going to end very soon. She has received her part of love and respect from people across the globe. Born on April 21, 1926,  she has ruled longer than any monarch in British History. Doubtlessly, I am talking about Queen Elizabeth II. You cannot classify this Royal elegance under the category of being Sensible and Shy, for she is the one hell of a Badass person you’ll read about.

Here are some of the incidents and facts which spell out Bold and Valiant side of Queen Elizabeth.

1. She once took Saudi Arabia’s king for a drive.

We are well aware of the fact that women in Saudi aren’t allowed to drive. Now imagine crown prince of SA on a drive with Queen Elizabeth, who drove like a wind. This was when crown prince and de facto ruler Abdullah visited Balmoral, Queen’s estate in England during 1998. After lunch, she took him for a drive around estate empire and for sure terrified him with her amazing driving skills.

Queen Elizabeth


2. Her guard nearly shot her down for taking a stroll around Buckingham Palace. 

No! He wasn’t any intruder in disguise. This was when queen decided to go for a walk around palace at 3 AM. Guard was baffled at the sight of a figure roaming around in the darkness. To his surprise, it was Her Majesty who came out for some fresh air.

Queen elizabeth Via

3. Only royal member to travel without a passport.

You read it right. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t need to have a passport. According to royal.gov.uk, all passports in Britain are issued on her name and she doesn’t need to hold one. Though rest of the royal family do possess passports.

Queen elizabeth Via

4. She has served during World War II.

She joined Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service during the War when she was just 18. She was trained as a mechanic and military truck driver during that time period. Also, she is the only female from Royal Family to have served in Armed Services.

Queen elizabeth Via 


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