You May Haven’t Understood These Jokes In The Cartoons As A Kid But Now You Will!


Who doesn’t love cartoons? They were a major part of us growing up. We learned many things from cartoons values like friendship, having fun, and much more. But not everything was for the kids, there was a lot of jokes for the adults as well, which we may have not understood as a kid but now we totally can!

These jokes may have seemed vague to you as a kid, but you’ll definitely understand them now!

1. Okay, as a kid nobody probably had even noticed the “PlayDuck” magazine, but adults can definitely understand what this means.

2. Remember how Gumball had stumbled into Banana Joe’s room only to find him watching, well, fruits. The box of tissues is enough for one to understand what he was up to.
3. The three little pigs hung their father on the wall. You will definitely now understand the sausage reference.

4. Whoa! Batman definitely wasn’t talking about his cars. Innocent little kids will have no idea what he was talking about.

5. We now understand what was Shrek talking about, but just like Donkey us kids didn’t understand back then.

6. Why was she asking for money, we know that very well now.

7. BURN LEVEL 1000!! The kids may not understand but we definitely know why did she say this!

8. Mistakes do happen, some can be dealt with, some become overpriced financial burdens.

9. If you didn’t understand as a kid what his father was referring to, you will definitely understand that now. Kids do shatter dreams sometimes.

10. The horrifying expression on the parent’s face may have seemed totally unimportant back then. But now we definitely get it!

11. Okay, this was definitely an attack. Shrinks in size? Really so?
12. I’m not gonna say much, but he wasn’t talking about food you know.
13. Maybe this was the cartoon version of 50 Shades back then, kinky!
14. Wise words were spoken, now you know Beast what you gotta do!
15. Not everything that looks like a berry is a berry.
jokes16. She was sure not talking about voting and we definitely know what she was referring to.

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