Did You Know What Do These Red Colored Dots On Your Skin Mean!


7. Bug Bites.

We’re all too familiar with the red bumpy mosquito bite. Now, these bug bites may or may not be itchy depending upon what bit you (I’d say they’re all itchy!). But if you see tiny red colored dots when you wake, better search for nasty bed bugs.

red colored dots on skin

8. Heat Rash.

If you’re familiar with the hot and humid weather, you’re all too familiar with this. This is one of the most irritating skin rashes that develops during the summer season, mostly due to the sweat trapped in clogged pores. And boy, do they burn!

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9. Pityriasis Rosea.

This kind of looks like the mother spider with eggs around her. This is caused by a virus and the rashes usually last from four to twelve weeks. It is usually red or pink in color and is raised and has a scaly texture.

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