13 Legit Reasons Why You Should Watch “13 Reasons Why”


If you use social media and the internet (which you do), you have heard of “13 reasons why” TV series on Netflix. It’s the most trending TV series of this year and the most viewed on Netflix this year too. You might also have seen memes on it and you know it’s something on suicide and high school and you might be thinking to watch it.

Its storyline is situated in a high school and all about a girl who committed suicide due to depression. But, she didn’t die normally, she made 13 tapes before suiciding confessing things that made her took this bold step of taking her own life. And every tape included one person and what he/she did to hurt her.

There are no big spoilers down, just basic information:

1. Awareness of Suicidal problems.

Depression and non-willful life often lead to these awful decisions by kids and they feel that killing themselves is the best thing to avoid hardships in life than facing them directly.

13 reasons why

2. Awareness on Bullying.

One of the most prominent things that a kid has to go through in his/her life at least for some time. Everyone tries to push them aside and make them feel miserable. It’s up to the kid to fight back or give up, in this case, Hannah Baker, the girl who suicided gave up.


3. Small gossips can damage.

Gossips go around school, doesn’t matter if they are true or not but they do suffocate the one suffering like Hannah had to go through some gossips which made her feel embarrassed, and add another reason for her death.



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