Get Through The Scariest And Creepy Cemeteries In The World That Will Freak You Out!


Cemeteries may seem to be the most peaceful places usually. But many times, the cemeteries are so creepy that you’ll feel scary to step in. Hold your breath to watch these scariest and most creepy cemeteries from around the world.

These creepy cemeteries listed down here are made immensely haunted and are considered to be the scariest ones. Especially the #2 and #8 are so scary. To add more effects, watch them when lights are turned off. Check out!

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Look at these scariest and creepy cemeteries that will for sure freak you out!

1. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Chicago

This cemetery in Chicago is damn creepy and abandoned place. The Bachelors Grove Cemetery is known several haunting stories like ghost cars and an old farmer hanging onto the plow of his horse as it rises out of a pond. Though the cemetery is officially closed yet many grave robbers and curious visitors get there through the holes in the fence.

scariest, creepy cemeteries


2. Sedlec Ossuary, Kutna Hora

This looks the scariest one. It is Sedlec Ossuary in the Czech Republic, the largest church cemetery. It has over 40,000 former bodies. The ground of the ossuary is holy it has holy soil from Jerusalem sprinkled over it. It has a massive chandelier and a family crest made up of bones. It is believed that ghosts haunt the place, but they aren’t much scary, rather, they are playful ghosts.

scariest, creepy cemeteries


3. New Lucky Restaurant (Cemetery Cafe), in Ahmedabad, India

This is an old Muslim cemetery that has been turned into New Lucky Restaurant. The restaurant’s owner decided not to remove the graves and built the restaurant in and around it. He encased around a dozen graves in iron grills throughout the restaurant. This strange and creepy graveyard restaurant is one of its type in the world.

scariest, creepy cemeteries



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