30 Hilarious Life And Adulthood Illustrations That Are Scarily Relatable


Life.. oh well that word manages to get the biggest sigh ever. The phases, the evils of growing up and the much-awaited but also the very dreaded phase- adulthood. Can’t explain that sinking-in-a-hole feeling in your guts? You can’t but Owlturd Comix can, these life and adulthood illustrations are so “Yeah. so true *sigh*”

Check out some of the adulthood illustrations that are so dead on “That’s-so-me” relatable-

  1. Every. Single. TimeAdulthood Illustrations
  2. Why do we want things that don’t take much time to prove what a pain-in-the-a** they areAdulthood Illustrations
  3. Whatever… *robotic mode on*Adulthood Illustrations
  4. The villain todayAdulthood Illustrations
  5. Good morning? What about yesterday’s big pile of stinking sadness, huh?Adulthood Illustrations
  6. Oh the horrors of growing upAdulthood Illustrations


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