12 Most Funny Protest Signs Protesters Ever Made


If you are a person who watches the news regularly, you pretty well know all kinds of not so funny sh*t that has been happening around the world. It’s a war between country and country, people and country, terrorists and people, people and people, Donald Trump vs Hillary and well, you get the idea. It’s the state of total unrest. Amidst all this, there is a huge section of people who take out times from their daily lives and protest against some stuff because they think that makes a difference.

The perks of being in the 21st century and a free country are that you can literally protest about anything you want. It’s actually quite beautiful how much power democracy has given to the people. I could go in front of a McDonald’s right now and while eating their burger could hold a protest sign complaining how unhealthy their food is. That’s the kind of power people have.

Some highly intellectual folks use this to make things less painful for their fellow protesters by giving them a laugh or two.


Check out these hilariously funny protest signs that people actually made –  


1. This guy just wants to get his life sorted.

And evidently, food is life for him.

funny protest signs


2. What do you make of this protest sign?

One has a good logical point. But so does the other. Turtles are cute

funny protest signs


3. This person’s doing it right!

I hope the congressmen took on this offer.

funny protest signs


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