Man Calls Himself A ‘Human Pup’ And Lives Like A Dog


Everyone loves dogs and want to have one always. If you once had a dog, you cannot then live without it. Dogs, are like family and definitely an inseparable part of it, they are your best friends who are cute and overprotective, kind of like a girlfriend but even better. Sometimes, humans do act like dogs, maybe in a positive way and maybe in a negative way, depending on the situation, but this is just a metaphor, right? Well, this man changes it forever!

Kaz James.


He’s a 37-year-old store manager from Great Manchester, UK.

He lives in a custom made dog suit!


He likes to be like a dog and this suit he made cost him $2600!

James even greets his friends by barking, biting and licking them.


He claims to have a weird feeling since he was 9. He always felt like a ‘Human Pup’.

A Human Pup is a person who wants or acts like a puppy.

In the era of everything being gender and sexuality, ‘Human Pup’ is also some kind of a breed of humans who love dressing up as dogs and feel and eat from a bowl like dogs.

Kaz is living as a pup for 10 years now!


His life as a human pup started with his ex-fiancee when he bought an orange collar and it was more of an s3x kink but later turned out as his nature.

He was ‘adopted’ by a new owner after Kaz and his fiancee parted ways.

That’s what he terms apparently, he isn’t just acting like a dog for himself, he wants the affection of his ‘owner’.

There’s a whole community of these ‘Human Pups’

Well, don’t think he’s some weirdo, there are communities of people who share the same feeling and also prefer to live like that. Kaz found out about it on the Internet and socialized with other members.

Kaz lives in a cage like a real dog.


He also eats from a bowl when at home.

He calls himself a ‘Civilized Pup’ and eats in restaurants like any normal human would.

Kaz says he’s a trained ‘Human Pup’. Basically, he lives dual lives as a dog most of the times and as a human to survive and earn.

He’s an author, World’s First Dog Author!


Kaz wrote ‘How to train a Human Pup’ for people who would like to adopt one. He also has two real dogs himself and plays with them like their own kind.


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