12 Memes Only Those In Relationships Will Understand.


Relationships often put us into such situations where we no longer understand what the hell is going on? So thank god for memes which puts our thoughts right in front of us! This way you feel better that at least someone understands the f*cked up situations we face!

Here I Have Enlisted 12 Such Memes Which Only Those In Relationships Will Understand.


Well many a times you face a situation where you don’t want something, you talk. And then you end up[ getting what she wanted in the first place!

relationship memes


#2 Being Open.

Of all the crazy whacko things you did for her/him the “first” time, this is a real game changer. You know she/he is gonna stick around forever if they allow you to do this.

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You probably thought it was a nice gesture to comment on your friend’s(a girl) pic, but when your girlfriend reads you out your comments, you realize shit just got real bro!

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