25 Mind- Blowing Illustrations That Perfectly Capture The Magic Of Living Alone


The idea of living alone is enough to scare the hell out of the majority of brave hearts out there. But that is the phase which shapes out our personalities and let us know what we are made of. While our parents and no good ‘well-wishers’ are quick the instil the fear and potentials hazards that living on your own is sure to bring. But an  LA- based illustrator, Yaoyao Ma Van As,  has expertly debunked these myths with her beautiful illustrations of sum up the wonders of living alone, all by yourself.

Picking up the smallest perks of solitude, these illustrations are going to make you look forward to the experience of living alone:

  1. Time to appreciate the beauty of the darkest of nights.living alone illustrations
  2. Playing hide-seek with your best friend.living alone illustrations
  3. No distractions while you lose yourself in the land of magical words.living alone illustrations
  4. The principal advantage? Being a night owl or an early bird is all up to you.living alone illustrations
  5. Sipping one wonder of nature while admiring another. Heaven!living alone illustrations
  6. Spending time with your beloved- FOOD!!! Live the dream.living alone illustrations
  7. Ballet, hip-hop, choose to twirl anyway you want, no judging eye there!living alone illustrations
  8. Excel in the art of… doing NOTHING without anyone around to reprimand you.living alone illustrations
  9. Nights are the best- you get to cuddle with the love of your life.living alone illustrations
  10. The perk of living as you want- which includes being clumsy as hell sometimes.living alone illustrations
  11. Learning that happiness resides in the most trivial moments.living alone illustrations
  12. With no one to demand a share in your time, those long, relaxing baths are so in!living alone illustrations
  13. Having a blast EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. And that too in your PJs. Is that perfect or what?living alone illustrations
  14. Enjoy the sound of your feet amidst the lush of the woods, set your soul free!living alone illustrations
  15. Eating your favourite food every day with no one pointing out the depth of your obsession.living alone illustrations
  16. When mornings become a constant wonder to marvel at.living alone illustrations
  17. Enjoying some quality time with your awesome personality as a companion.living alone illustrations
  18. Cleaning like you’re going to break records, and make it look like art too. These illustrations are dead-on when it comes to describing a living alone scenario.living alone illustrations
  19. The best feeling in the world? Waking up to your pup. *gooey-eyed*living alone illustrations
  20. Defining your own rules when it comes to ‘fine dining.’living alone illustrations
  21. Making a mess will never be more fun.living alone illustrations
  22. Immerse yourself in creating your own masterpiece.living alone illustrations
  23. When it is pouring outside and you etch your dreams on its blank slate.living alone illustrations
  24. Making the smallest decision and having the fun of your life while doing it.living alone illustrations
  25. Taking time out to look in wonder at the happiness life has bestowed on you.living alone illustrations

When fate gives you the lemon of living alone, these illustrations prove that you end up making the most of it. So, never fear sweethearts. March on!

Images Source: Bored Panda

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