Men Confess The Little Things About Women That Turn Them Off!


Let’s be honest, we girls can be pretty annoying at times. But, sometimes we don’t even realize that things that we think would make men want us more are actually a complete turn-off. Girls, time for you to get a reality check, things that you sometimes are not really what men want and they would very much like you to stop doing these little things, that may look cute to you, but are utterly annoying.

Ladies, here are some of the little things that you do that turn men off completely!

1. Lying about your interests.

Honestly, I get it, football really isn’t a girl thing, no offense to the real football fans out there. But, if you don’t enjoy a sport, why boast about it on your dating profile? Do you think the person you’ll be dating, who is genuinely a football fan call you out on your lie?

2. Please don’t play hard to get if you’re actually interested.

A simple “No, I’m not interested.” is more than sufficient if you’re not interested in him. But, if you have a mutual interest growing why play the “I’m-hard-to-get” card. It is a serious turn off because, hey, plenty of other fish in the sea.

3. Don’t give mixed signals. 

Honestly, every girl by birth think that men are born to chase them because “the egg doesn’t swim to the sperm” right? But, honestly, how do expect the guy to read your mind and supposed to know if you’re interested in him or not?

4. Stop speaking in riddles cause it’s seriously annoying.

I wonder why are females associated with riddles, oh right, because usually, they say things that are wrapped perfectly under at least 10 layers. Just let him know what is actually on your mind so that both of you can find something useful to do!

5. Stop using a gazillion of Instagram filters.

Seriously, these photo editing apps actually hide the real person beneath all their filters. I often wonder what would happen if somebody was actually lost or kidnapped and all they had were a bunch of edited photographs?

6. Don’t try to make him jealous.

Boys have an ego larger than life and patience level thinner than hair, so you might want to think twice before you try to play the make-him-jealous game.

7. Don’t cry to win an argument or prove your right.

When you’re losing an argument with your guy, just cry, and voila! You’re right even if you’re wrong. Stop doing these girls, try accepting your fault it’s cool.

8. When girls don’t give straightforward answers.

Little things

“So, where do you want to eat today?” “Idk, you choose.” *Says the names of all nearby restaurants* “Nope” “So, where you wanna eat?” “Idk, you choose.” Annoying, right? So, please stop doing this.

9. Not being confident with their bodies.

Little things

Honestly, a guy will find a curvy and confident girl more attractive than a girl who looks like a model but has zero confidence.

10. Trying to act dumb you think it’s cute.

Little things

Boys love intelligence, in fact, they find smart girls super attractive. But somehow girls have concluded that being dumb will make you ten times cuter. How far has that been working for you?


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