Men Show These Signs To If They Think You’re The One For Him!


We don’t just randomly select someone to be our life partners, we actually look for certain signs and qualities that show us that the person we like is absolutely the perfect partner for us. But, when it comes to men, they might not say much but they show these signs, well if he thinks you’re the one for him!

Ladies, men show these signs if they think that you’re the one for him!

1. He actually confides in you and trusts you to share his hopes and dreams with you.


Men can take quite a long time even being in a relationship to really open up to a person. But, if he opens up to you and trusts you with his hopes and dreams, and most importantly shares his fears with you, then be certain, he absolutely sees you as his life partner.

2. He’ll want to tell you even the tiniest inconvenient things about his day and his whereabouts.

Men don’t really like talking much about themselves or share the details of their whereabouts and their day, but when he starts sharing about the tiniest details about himself, he sees you as somebody he can always tell these things to without having second thoughts.

3. He is not afraid to be vulnerable around you.

Men opening their hearts to someone takes a lot of courage because even though they feel all the emotions, they rarely show it or are rather afraid to show it out in the open. But, if he doesn’t hesitate to be vulnerable around you it means that he certainly sees you as a person on whom he can rely on.

4. He enjoys spending time with you more than anything.


They have a lot to do in their day, but if you see them wanting to spend time with you more than anything it means that he’s only interested in you.

5. He often takes you to his family functions.


Men only introduce someone to their family when they think that you’re the one for him. He wants to let everyone know that you two belong together.

6. You’re in his future plans.


This speaks volumes about how a guy feels about you, we only include someone in our future plans when we see them with us in the future.

7. He’s attentive to your needs and moods. 

Honestly, this is one of the things men do if and only if they love you a lot, they’ll pay attention to your needs and even how your mood is.

8. He makes little meaningful gestures.

You might complain of your boyfriend not being sweet and romantic enough, but ladies, if your man really loves romance will come easy to him, he’ll always show how much you mean to him with sweet meaningful gestures.

9. He is always interested to meet your family.


Guys are known to run away from family functions if they are not really serious about their relationship. But, if your man eagerly wants to meet your family it means that he sees you as his life partner.

10. He is interested in doing things that you like.

If he puts your interests before his own and genuinely enjoys doing it, it means that he really is in love with you.


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