Mockbusters That You Shouldn’t Confuse With The Real Films.


Mockbusters are low budget films which rip off original Hollywood movies to trick the audience into watching them.

1. Transmorphers. 

Mockbusters films


Transmorphers was a mockbuster that came out in 2007 and was aimed to capitalize on the success of Transformers. 

2. Atlantic Rim. 

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Please note that mockbusters don’t have a big budget and their CGI is just horrible. They just want to capitalize on the success of the original films. Atlantic Rim is a very poor copy of Pacific Rim. What’s more interesting is that the movie was supposed to be shot on a naval base but the commanding officer refused to give permission after reading the script. Good job sir!

3. Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls. 

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Well yeah, it’s a complete ripoff of Indiana Jones And Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. Mockbusters really have no shame.

4. Frozen Land. 

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Disney even sued the production company.

6. Apocalypse Z.

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Apocalypse Z was originally titled Zombie Massacre but was renamed to Apocalypse Z to capitalize on World War Z’s fame. Mockbusters sure are smart. 


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