NYC Photographer Captures Staggering Photos Of People On Their Way To Work.


Going to work is not a fun thing to do, no matter where you work. The daily struggle of leaving your bed to spend your day to earn your meals becomes a regular and boring pattern at times. Sometimes, you don’t even like the job that you do, but you got to do it anyway. These staggering photos taken by an NYC photographer shows what regular people going to their workplace every day for 9 years look like.

Peter Funch captures staggering photos in his project named, “42nd and Vanderbilt” photographed people going to their workplace every day.

1. I guess that is the legit look we have on our faces when we head to a job where we only have to pretend to be happy doing it.
stagerring photos

2. It is really hard to recognize some people on different days because of how different they look in their appearances.
staggering photos
3. Coffee or tea is the one thing that becomes a necessity even if you’re not used to it. Because without that, you can’t even imagine surviving the workplace.
staggering photos
4. Having a change in the wardrobe becomes really rare when you’ve been working the same job for too long.
staggering photos
5. Glasses in the shirt pocket, we’ve all seen this before, and usually, see this all the time.

6. Everybody has a frown on their faces, maybe this time to walk to their workplaces gives them time to think about things that bother them, or help them calm their minds to get through the day.

7. Wearing the same dress to work on different days, makes it seem like the pictures have been taken a few minutes apart.

8. Finally, a smiling face in the crowd, maybe she meets up a friend on her way to work, or she actually feels happy going to work.

9. We all have done this on different occasions, to pair up the same dress with different spaghettis to make it look like a different outfit.

10. Sometimes, you need to go to work even if you’re too old and would like to be at home, but the expenses won’t let you.


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