15 Optical Illusions That’ll Chuck Up Your Mind


Sometimes our own brain plays tricks on us and makes us wonder , “How can this happen??”. It convinces us to see things which do not exist in real, called optical Illusions. And when you go looking deep into it, the reality flashes before our eyes neatly and you eventually go speechless. This is the magic of science.

So be ready to go insane with the way your  brain plays up with you. These optical Illusions are going to mess things around.


1- It may look like those two sides are totally different colours, but if you hold your finger up and block the middle seam, what do you see?

optical illusions


2. Actually, both the arrows point in the same direction. 

Optical Illusion


3. This picture is actually completely flat. See how you are completely done by it.

Optical illusions




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