21 People Share Their Creepy Moments They Experienced On Their Dates!


Going out on a date and trying to connect with the other may not always end on a happy note. Sometimes it also ends up with some creepy moments that makes us think twice before we go on dates the next time.  There are millions of people out there who go out on a date. For some, it becomes the love of their life but for some, it ends up to be the worst and weirdest dates with some creepy moments.

These 21 people shared on Whisper their creepy moments they had experienced on their dates! Oh! the horror! These really gave a tough competition to the normal lucky ones we had!

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1.He was mentally retarded maybe! Run for your life!

Creepy moments on dates

2.You should at least check his background before going out with him!

Creepy moments on dates

3.That’s creepy but if you take it positively, it’s kinda sweet!

Creepy moments on dates

4.Lol! I can imagine the awkwardness!

Creepy moments on dates 


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