Photographer Travels And Captures Beautiful Redheads Around The World


It is true that many people around the world still thinks that only the Irish and the Scottish people are redheads which is not actually the fact. Redheads are found in other countries as well and does not really depend on the region. The red colour of the hair is caused by a gene mutation which is known as MC1R. This affects only 1% of the world population and that is why the colour is a little rare to find.

An American photographer Brian Dowling decided to start off with a project called “Redhead Beauty” to break all the stereotypes regarding the redheads. He has clicked a total of 130 redheads from 20 different countries for the project and is getting hugely appreciated.

Well, here is a list of 10 of those photos to give you a basic idea:

Source : KickStarter, Instagram

1. Alina From Ukraine

redheads around the world

She is so naturally beautiful that it is difficult to take your eyes off her. This was an early morning photoshoot in Kiev, Ukraine.

2. Madeline From USA

redheads around the world

The genuine smile adds up so much of beauty to her appearance. The curly red hair looks on point, too.

3. Kirstie From Scotland

redheads around the world

This photo was clicked in the Scottish Highlands of Glencoe. Without a doubt, Scottish people carry the red hair perfectly.

4. Carmen From Netherlands

redheads around the world

The messy hair makes her look so stunning.

5. Krissy From Germany

redheads around the world

This shade of ginger is very rarely found but looks absolutely amazing.

6. Alisha From Ukraine

redheads around the world

The beauty of this lady and the gorgeousness of the background compliments each other so well.

7. Ellie From England

redheads around the world

English people with any hair colour are pretty anyway but you have to afmit that redheads are a step above.

8. Elias From Northern Island

redheads around the world

The colour of her eyes looks so special and suits the red hair very much.

9. Maria From Russia

redheads around the world

Living in Moscow, she is probably one of the most naturally beautiful women I have seen.

10. Gracie From Ireland

redheads around the world

Irish people are the considered the epitome of redheads and this picture completely proves why. Isn’t she absolutely pretty?


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