Photos That Show The Struggle Of Living With Your Family


Families are great and fun, living with them is just really amazing. You get all the love from everyone and have everyone to love and live for as well. Sometimes though family can become annoying it gradually gets better within some time and you are all back united laughing at 90s jokes. Keep all the love aside and you know the horror of living with the family. Too much laundry, to people doing whatever they want, people eating your food and you realizing it when you’re just too hungry. It’s like really annoying when many of these things happen, while it’s fun for the person who did this, it’s a great struggle for the one who has to suffer the prank or whatever.

Below are some photos that show the struggle of living with a family:

Who uses butter like this.


Just take it from the corners like any normal human being would.

Smashed pumpkins.

Halloween is one day, and the kid who literally smashed the pumpkin for his stupid mask just makes it a mark so that no one forgets it forever.

There are special instructions, goddamnit.


Look at how you massacred my boy.

Surprise motherfuc*er.


Imagine being super excited about eating that bowl of ice-cream and bam, you’re hit with this disaster.

Also, the one person who takes all the flavoring!

The chocolate was supposed to be mixed in the whole ice-cream, not just your part dumba$$.

Vacation without food.

Who kept rotten food in the fridge, don’t you have any idea this is rotten. And now who’s gonna clean up the fridge!!!

Toothpaste isn’t being treated properly.

I use it as such that even the tube respects me, but people will just crush it for its paste and throw it anywhere once they’re done. Like, won’t you need it tomorrow or what?

Toilet Papers.

Everyone will use the same bathroom and change the direction of the roll whatever way they like. It should be over, and not under, just get it already.

Free Sprout.

Even the potato wants to get out of the house.

The Bathroom!


Everyone in the family likes different products, so here we are.

They gave the cap for a reason!


Not all caps are for the cap challenge after all.


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