13 Celebrities With Super-Freaky Physical Deformities!


Celebrities are held to be perfect on the silver screen and are seen in a perfect light. But in-spite of their bloom, glamor, fame, charisma, and elegance, they also have physical defects or deformities like the rest of us as they are also a human being. They are considered to be the most beautiful people on the earth, of course, the defects they have to give them unique physical characteristic which that adds a character.

Here are 14 Celebrities that have unusual physical defects to their credit.

1. Mathew Perry

Mathew Perry lost the tip of his right middle finger when he was a kid because it got stuck in a door.

Physical Defects

2. Megan Fox

This hottest star having perfect figure but a disfigured clubbed thumbs, for she has a condition called brachydactyly. Such condition may cause thumbs to be shorter and wider than usual.


3. Mark Wahlberg

This celeb has a third nipple which he is so proud of, instead of being ashamed. The condition is called supernumerary nipple, that is seen in one out of 18 men.



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