These Pictures Expose Female Logic Quite Savagely. You’ll Agree To It!


The man is the most evolved race, there is absolutely nothing that men cannot achieve. But there is one thing that men can never ever understand, any guesses what is that one thing? Yep, Female logic. How weird can female logic get? Keeping reading on to find out. These pictures expose the weird logic quite savagely!

These pictures expose female logic so accurately that you couldn’t agree less!

1. Pretty much the story of every other girl!

pictures expose female logic


2. But I want a man who loves me for my personality.

pictures expose female logicvia

3. Yes because we want equality. But we need to take care of ourselves as well!

pictures expose female logicvia

4. Been there done that kinda thing for some (most -_-) of the girls!

pictures expose female logicvia 


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