BF Takes Hilarious Photos Of Parading The Engagement Ring Without His Gf Noticing!


Proposing someone for marriage is really a very big step in one’s life, you are after all making a decision that will probably stay with you for the rest of your life. But, when you have a loving partner who is indeed your better half and knows you well, makes the decision a little less stressful. But, what is stressful no matter what, is finding the right time to do it. But, this one BF wanted to do a little test, he wanted to see how far could he go parading the engagement ring without his GF actually noticing it, and trust me, he did go far.

Edi Okuru was looking for the right time to ask his GF Cally Read the big question, meanwhile, he thought of parading the engagement ring to see how far would he go without her noticing!

1. Omg, she is just there man, I mean, he could get caught any second.engagement ring

2. Honestly, if you ask me, I wouldn’t be able to notice it either amidst all these, but, that was risky indeed.
engagement ring
3. She would just have to look left and your secret’s going to be out, Well, you probably shouldn’t do it.
engagement ring
4. He’s just right behind, you, look, that is some guts bro!
engagement ring
5. At least she’s sleeping here, but you never know when she wakes up and sees it.
engagement ring
6. No no no, keep sleeping, please don’t wake up or else you’ll ruin the surprise.
engagement ring
7. Well, that was, I mean, you seriously are going to take this way too far, aren’t you?

8. The car is your protective shield here, you better be careful with that ring bro!

9. This guy is either way too desperate for her to see the ring or he is just too careful.

10. This was probably one of the best ones so far.

11. Nope, I change my decision, this is the best one so far!

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