Jaw Dropping Pictures That Will Make You Re-Assess Your Entire Existence!


The questions that ” where are we ? ” sometimes arises in the mind of everyone. Here the question is about the exact location of our earth in the solar system and in the entire galaxy. Whenever this question arises, it goes unanswered unless you are related to science by profession. We have collected some pictures which will give you the answer but will also make you think about your existence.

Here is the list of the pictures which will make you question your Entire Existence:

1. Our Earth

Pictures , Existence

This is our earth where we are live. Nothing here to explain here so , let’s go further but this picture was important for the explanation  of our existence ahead.

2. We in the Solar System

Pictures , Existence


This is the location of our earth with respect to other planets and the sun. Imagine the temperature on the planet ‘Mercury’.

3. Earth and Moon

Pictures , Existence


This shows how much is the distance between the Earth and the Moon. It doesn’t look that far. Is it ? 


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